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Welcome to The Super Fantastic Leadership Show!

with Dr. Daphne Scott and Marta Wilmes

This is the leadership podcast devoted to supporting you in leading at the highest levels of effectiveness and the greatest levels of fun. Each week, Dr. Daphne Scott and Marta Wilmes sit down to discuss all things leadership and all things life like, What Is a Coach and Should I Get One? and How to Really Manage Your Stress at Work and What to Do When You Feel Stuck.

Meet your hosts, Dr. Daphne Scott and Marta Wilmes.


Episode Title Released
048 The Line of Conscious Awareness and Learning 02/21/2015
047 Giving Advice, Seeking Advice and the “Yeah, but…” 02/13/2015
046 Authenticity, Learning and Why They Matter. 02/06/2015
Ep 045 Do You Know Your Strengths and Genius Qualities? 01/30/2015
044 Living in Your Zone of Genius And Using Your Strengths 01/23/2015
043 Are You a Positive and Present Leader? 01/16/2015
042 Hiring the Right Person 01/09/2015
041 Are You Choosing Meaningful Work and Life? 01/02/2015
040 Would You Like to Enhance Your Relationships at Work? 12/26/2014
039 Want To Enhance the Joy in Your Leadership Life? Meditate. 12/19/2014
038 Who Wants a Bonus? 12/12/2014
037 Are You A Burnout Heroic Leader? 12/05/2014
036 Do You Need More Face Time? 11/28/2014
035 Change Your Mind and Change Your Stress 11/21/2014
034 Do You Think You Aren’t Creative? 11/14/2014
033 Wanna Be More Creative at Work? 11/07/2014
032 Your Feelings At Work 10/31/2014
031 Is It Possible to be Too Focused? 10/24/2014
030 Your Emotional Intelligence at Work 10/17/2014
029 Mindfulness, Connection, and Thriving 10/10/2014
028 Do You Want to Grow Your Brain? Get Some Sleep and Exercise. 10/03/2014
027 Your Emotions are Contagious! 09/26/2014
026 If You Want to be Productive…Have Fun and Play 09/19/2014
025 Competition and Jealousy; Enough Said (almost). 09/12/2014
024 Self-Awareness Isn’t Just Regulating Your Emotions 09/05/2014
023 How Much Are Your Meetings Costing You and Your Team? 08/29/2014